Kilpissafaris – adventures in the Arctic Circle since 1995

Kilpissafaris is a outdoor activity company founded by border guard Hannu Rauhala in Kilpisjärvi in 1995. From the very beginning, there has been a growing demand for the family business’s diverse services, and over the years it has developed into the most versatile company in its field and area. Today, Hannu’s son Jussi Rauhala is responsible for Kilpissafaris’ operations. Kilpissafaris is an experienced and reliable outdoor activity and equipment rental company.

Our guides are professionals who know the area and its conditions very well. We are proud to be able to show Kilpisjärvi and its stunning scenery to more and more visitors. We organise guided tours in the Käsivarsi area as well as at Swedish and Norwegian fells throughout the year. We also offer transport to these areas. With Kilpissafaris you can safely and easily visit the best destinations. Book the best adventures with professional guides or rent equipment for a memorable self-guided excursion.

Kilpissafaris’ rental shop has a wide range of snowmobiles, electric bikes, snowshoes and other equipment. Our office and the shop are located in Safaritalo at Tsahkalluoktantie 14, 99490 Kilpisjärvi. Our modern facilities are also suitable for people with reduced mobility. Our rental shop at Safaritalo has outdoor equipment and gear for people of all ages and sizes.

Sustainable and responsible travel services

Responsible business, reliable service and safe adventures are important to Kilpissafaris. We offer travellers memorable experiences and sustainable trips in the scenery of the fells of Kilpisjärvi and three countries.

Kilpissafaris invests in responsible energy use in all its operations. On snowmobile safaris, we use the lowest-emission four-stroke snowmobiles on the market. The power and emissions of the snowmobiles are limited by Green Key’s eco-programme. We have signed an agreement with Metsähallitus on the principles of sustainable nature tourism. Everything we take to nature, we bring back when we return. The fells are our second home. We cherish the delicate nature of the fells and respect its power.

As an employer, Kilpissafaris complies with Finnish laws and regulations. We take care of our employees and pay them for their work. We treat our staff equally, respecting their individual skills and needs. Our staff is our most important resource as our products are strongly based on excellent customer service.

Lapland’s traditional way of life in the Kilpisjärvi community is an important asset for us. We favour local service providers and employ local people.

Our company has been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland and Good Travel Seal certificates.