Frequently asked questions


What does the Activitiy level mean in tour descriptions?

  • Activity level 1/3: Suitable for first timers to drive snowmobile / Easy physical level
  • Activity level 2/3: Recommended to have earlier driving experience with Kilpissafarit / Moderate physical level
  • Activity level 3/3: Demands good driving skills / Physically demanding

Where is the meeting point for activities?

Activities starts from Kilpissafarit office. The address is Tsahkalluoktantie 14, 99490 Kilpisjärvi. Kilpissafarit is easy to find from Google.Maps. Use keyword Kilpissafarit. You can also buy optional pick up and return service from reception of resort. Please be ready latest 15 minutes before scheduled start.

What is the meeting time for activities?

Meeting time for the activities is 15-0 minutes before scheduled start. Please note clothing and safety briefing is included in duration of the activities.

How to reach Kilpisjärvi?

You will reach Kilpisjärvi by car, by airport taxi from Kittilä airport or by bus from Rovaniemi or Tromsö, Norway.
– By driving highway E8 you will reach Kilpisjärvi. However you can navigate to Kilpisjärvi by using Google.Maps.
– Kilpistaxi offers airport taxi from Kittilä airport to Kilpisjärvi
– Arctic Route offers daily bus connection from Rovaniemi to Kilpisjärvi and from Tromsö, Norway to Kilpisjärvi

What if I am late from activity?

Please make sure you will not be late from scheduled meeting time and you are on right place. Being late might deny participating from activity. In this kind of case there is no refund.

Please note especially one hour time difference between Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Can i cancel the activity due to illness?

Yes you can. If you would like to have refund, please provide your medical certificate and we will refund the activity. We will recommend you to have travellers insurance.

When it is too cold temperature and the activities will be cancelled?

The limit depends on the activity. Mostly the limit is -30 degrees Celsius. Some of the activities are located in the area that has warmer micro climate and the activities can be run safely even the official temperature of Kilpisjärvi is below -30 degrees Celsius. Kilpissafarit will inform customers if the activity is not safe to run due to too low temperature or hazardous weather.

What means weather permitting?

Kilpissafarit keeps the right to decide when weather conditions prevent running the tour safely and notify it to customers. If we need to cancel due to weather conditions, we will refund the activity.


How to equip to activities?

It is good to bring liner gloves, beanie. After February please bring your sun glasses. We do not recommend water based makeup.

Is thermal clothing included?

Yes, thermal clothing is included every winter activity. Thermal clothing set is included wool socks, winter boots, overalls, mittens and during snowmobiling tours balaclava and helmet. For some tours also over coat is included.

What to wear for activities?

We recommend to have layer clothing, preferably wool and normal outdoor clothing in Kilpisjärvi.


Do i need driving license to drive a snowmobile?

If the snowmobile safari crosses the road, you need to have driving license(B-class). The border of three Nordic Countries and Snowmobiling 101 are tours that do not cross any roads and you can participate without driving license. Driver of the snowmobile needs to be always min 15 years old. Please bring your ID for snowmobiling tours.

Can i participate on a snowmobile safari without earlier experience of driving snowmobile?

Yes you can. It is good to inform it to the guides before the tour. Most of our customers are first-time snowmobilers. We recommend to participate at least one snowmobile tour such as tour The border of three Nordic Countries before tour Conquering Halti.

What does self liability for damages mean?

Driver of the snowmobile is responsible for all damages caused to snowmobile. Maximum personal liability is 1 500 €/person/snowmobile/accident.


Can my children participate on activities?

Children under 135 cm can participate on snowmobile safaris where sleigh transportation is available by sitting on a sleigh pulled by guide snowmobile. Taller than 135 cm can sit on a snowmobile as passenger.

Do children get price reduction

Unfortunately children will not have price reduction.


What is sleigh?

Sleigh is basically a ”trailer” pulled by snowmobile. Sleigh can carry persons or freight. Traveling on a sleigh is easy and safe.


Is there northern lights guarantee?

Northern lights are nature phenomenon. Therefore Kilpissafarit cannot guarantee northern lights to be visible during tours. Activities will not be cancelled due to cloudy weather because weather might change very quickly in Kilpisjärvi. Therefore we do not offer refund even if northern lights are not visible

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