Welcome to Kilpisjärvi – Finland’s one and only fell village

Kilpisjärvi is located in Finland’s northwestern “arm”. The village’s 130 inhabitants live at the foot of the magnificent Saana fell. The village is right on the edge of the Scandinavian Mountains, 50 kilometres from the Arctic Ocean. In the area there is also the Three-Country Cairn, the point where the borders of Finland, Norway and Sweden meet. It is said to be the most peaceful border in the world.

Beautiful and rugged nature

In Kilpisjärvi you will experience the treeless Arctic tundra and endless amounts of snow. Our village is about 500 metres above sea level, and the Saana fell, which dominates the landscape, rises to over 1 000 metres. From here you can see far: stunning views stretch as far as the great fells of Sweden and Norway.

The weather in Kilpisjärvi varies a lot from year to year. In the surrounding fell highlands, weather conditions can change rapidly during the day. Lake Kilpisjärvi usually freezes in early November, and the ice melts shortly before Midsummer. By May Day, the sun is already so high that there is no dark moment even at midnight. Snow often covers the fells of Kilpisjärvi even in the middle of summer.

On our guided tours you can safely experience unique nature and breathtaking scenery.

Connections to Kilpisjärvi

You can get to Kilpisjärvi by car, by taxi from Kittilä Airport, by bus from Rovaniemi or by bus from Tromsø in Norway.

  • The combination with Arctic Route works perfect for a day trip from Tromsø, with our 3-border snowmobile tour:
    • Hop on Arctic Route at 07:00 – 2,5 hour drive
    • Snowmobile tour 11:00-14:00 (Finnish time +1)
    • Free time for lunch and the explore Kilpisjärvi
    • Hop back on the bus at 18:10
    • Back in Tromsø at 19:30 (Norwegian time -1h)
    • Book your tour from Tromsö here (departure on this package is at 15:00 – back in Tromsø at 17:30 Finnish time)
  • By car, highway 21 leads to Kilpisjärvi
  • Kilpistaxi offers a taxi service from Kittilä Airport
  • Arctic Route provides a daily bus connection from Rovaniemi to Kilpisjärvi and from Tromsø to Kilpisjärvi

Kilpisjärvi village services